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How to Create a Colourful Wedding Day

Although picking your wedding colours can require some serious thought and consideration, there are many ways to have a bright and colourful wedding.

Making your wedding stand out from the rest due to the colours you choose is a fun way to create an impression on your guests and to let your individual style come through. From the small touches to the big statements, your suppliers should be chosen wisely.

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9 Ways to Create a Colourful Wedding Day

Choose Your Colours

Colourful Wedding Invitations

Create a Vision Board

Colourful Flowers

Serve Colourful Cake and Food

Colourful Wedding Outfits

Colourful Wedding Accessories

Colourful Wedding Hair and Makeup

Colourful Wedding Decor

bride and groom colourful fun bright happy confetti photo at hothorpe woodlands wedding venue

Choose Your Colours

You should pick a few focal colours that will add life to your celebration.

Your wedding will look more coherent if you select a colour scheme that includes a few vibrant hues and perhaps some milder, complementary colours. Not sure where to begin?

You can get started by searching on Pinterest for "wedding colour palette," which will give a ton of results. Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiration!

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Colourful Wedding Invitations

By including colour in your invitation suite, you can create the mood for a striking and vibrant wedding day. This will establish the tone for what follows and bind the many colour concepts together from the start.

wedding invitations hand drawn unique personalised

Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is such a fun and useful way to create the vision in your head! You can do this physically if you love arts and crafts or use Pinterest, as this is the perfect platform to create your vision through pinning images and creating folders.

marquee wedding venue with fairy lights and orange pink flowers at alrewas hayes

Colourful Flowers

Make the most of flowers, because they offer so much colour! The easiest way to add colour to your wedding is by using lovely florals.

Pick vibrantly coloured flowers for your bouquet, the decor for the ceremony, and the table centrepieces. If you have a flower wall at your event, this can also add a lot of colour to your day.

This will be a lovely accent and guests will enjoy taking pictures in front of it because it is filled with vibrant blossoms. Instead of using actual flowers to decorate your wall, think about using paper flowers.

Serve Colourful Cake and Food

You don't have to have a white buttercream wedding cake.

Choose something bright and powerful! Have a cake covered in rainbow sprinkles if your wedding has a full-on rainbow theme. Other foods can also be used to add colour. Consider providing guests with a cotton candy machine and ordering sugar cookies that have been specially decorated.

A joyful way to enhance the beauty of your event and express your own individuality is with a bright and colourful wedding.

wedding cake yellow buttercream lemon slices lavender

Colourful Wedding Outfits

Wedding dresses typically come in the traditional colours of white, off-white, cream, beige, and champagne. However, there are ways to include colour while maintaining a white wedding dress.

You can add decorative stitching in various colours, a dyed skirt in an ombré design, a statement belt that accentuates your waist, or coloured underlayers that only show as you move. Or, if you prefer a completely coloured dress, then go for it!

Additionally, colour isn't just for the bride: Grooms usually like black, navy blue, grey, or beige suits, but there are also some very bold and lovely alternatives.

bride and groom walking down the aisle at moxhull hall
bride and bride unique wedding outfits purple bridal dress blue suit

Colourful Wedding Accessories

If wearing a colourful wedding dress or suit isn't your style, think about adding colour with accessories.

You might wear shoes that match the colour scheme or have the entire wedding party wear bright, complementary dresses or multicoloured pairs of shoes. Socks can add a unique pop of colour - whether you’re wearing court shoes with some cute coloured ankle socks, or hi-tops with bright socks peeking out.

Your guests will only see it when you're moving, and it’s an unexpected place to pop some colour!

luxury designer blue bridal shoes manolo blahnik
bride and bridesmaids happy laughing pink burgundy dresses

Colourful Wedding Hair and Makeup

You could consider dying your hair for your wedding day, if you are feeling super daring!

However, not everyone will want to dye their hair on their wedding day, but painting your nails with colour is a less permanent choice. Instead of the typical French, white, or blush manicures, why not try painting your nails a colour that goes well with the other colours in your outfit?

Or, go for a bold eye or a bold lip! A bright red lip works especially well in the winter months, and perhaps a bright pink or coral in the summer.

bride holding wedding bouquet fun colourful nails

Colourful Wedding Decor

In addition to flowers, other options for décor include smoke bombs, balloons, tassel strings, chair sashes, wall curtains, and uplighting.

Uplighting has the most effect out of all of these because it completely changes the surroundings and makes it colourful. One colour can be used as the uplighting throughout the entire area, or several colours can change during the night.

Venues occasionally provide uplighting or pin lighting, but normally you will need to rent lighting.

colourful wedding breakfast room decor hot air balloon theme at hothorpe venue

Choose a Wedding Photographer

...that understands your vision! Choosing a wedding photographer who appreciates and thrives off colourful weddings is what you need, if you want your gorgeous day captured and projected in the best way.

Be sure to like not only them as a person, but their photography and editing style, so check out their galleries and have a chat with them!

bride and groom happy and relaxed wedding photos at hothorpe venue

Are You Ready to Create a Colourful Wedding Day?

Now I've given you some help and inspiration with how to create a colourful wedding, I hope you're ready to start planning!

Choose the suppliers that will make your day special by adding the colour you desire for your colourful wedding.


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